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About CARE Token

CARE Token is an ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency project that based on senior health care services. The project aim to provide solutions to all the threat posing a challenge towards the care of elders through our DApp and platform.

Why Us

We have a working product with over 100 clients and still counting Our business model is straightforward and focused We have a highly professional team and experienced advisors We operate in the global markets and in a sector with proven demand and high margins We operate in one of the fastest growing health sectors with many opportunities to widen our reach and improve our products in the future CARE Token has wise and well-designed economics The IEO aims to fund CARE Token profitability and provide funding for expansion in the future The token is legally sound; technically secure . Check out our whitepaper


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Development Roadmap

Token Utility

The token created will also be use for every transactions activties in the residential facilities. This will bring a high demand in the token usage. It will also be use in other partner care providing organizations as their means of payment. The token will also be use for our online medical and pharmaceutical store.

More so, every token holder in our DApp platform will be rewarded quarterly based on the percentage hold. The token can be easily converted to fiat or other major Cryptocurrency within our DApp Platform

Token Alocation

Total Token Supply = 500 000 000 CARER Token
Price of the Token = 0.4USD
Team = 10% ~ 50 000 000 CARER Token
Business Development = 30% ~ 150 000 000 CARER Token
Marketing = 23% ~ 115 000 000 CARER Token
Token Sales = 35% ~ 175 000 000 CARER Token
Airdrop = 2% ~10 000 000 CARER Token
Total token for sale = 175 000 000 CARER Tokens
IEO Price per Token =0.3USD


We have strategically set the funding goal for the crowdsale. Through our IEO, we aim to raise funds of $35,000,000 for our blockchain residential facility, partnership, marketing, home managing kits, Care DApp platform. Check white paper for more information Investors can contact us for private sales.


Frequently Asked Questions



The simultaneous increase in life expectancy and the increase in age-related chronic diseases and disabilities, a growing proportion of populations suffer from the physical limitations in daily activities. The senior tends to depend mostly on their children and insecure economy conditions of the seniors and general body weakness couldn’t make them to take care of themselves. Nowadays due to the occupation of people what we are observing in our society is that the people are not willing to take care of their parents while some are not chance, but are willing to spend There is currently no systematic health monitoring measures in place that bring transparency and awareness to a Senior’s health status or provide risk warnings at an early stage.


We at A & A Elderly Care are planning to build two standard and condusive residential home which operate with our project blockchain in Nigeria and Ghana. The blockchain residential home will be standard and conducive for the seniors to experience a social life. We will design a Home Wellness Kit that includes Connected Medical Devices (IoT) for regular biomarker monitoring, a DNA Genomic Test specially formulated for chronic disease risk identification with the Care DApp designed to help Seniors keep regular track of their own wellness. Health Data Platform Secured by the blockchain, the platform stores and shares data only to parties pre-approved by the Seniors and/or their authorized caregivers. Our DApp platform can be used to consult geriatric practitioners from your home with the use of our token. We are ready to partners with various hospitals, health facilities and medical laboratories all over the globes. This will make people (not senior alone) to make use our token for medical treatment, medical test and purchase of various medicine. With our DApp, you will be able to know those we partner with. With the Care DApp people can make use of our token to purchase various kind of senior care instrument where ever they are in the world. There will be a reward system for every token holder quarterly. To prevent senior care abuse by quack care giver, we will create a platform where care giver can be trained, apply and get verified after passing through a complete health care certification.