About Us

About Us ?

A&A Elderly Care Company was established in 2016, one of the prominent companies that deals with senior health care services in Nigeria (gaint of Africa). The company integrate the senior health care services into blockchain and tag the project with name CARE TOKEN

CARE Token is an ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency project that based on senior health care services.

The project aim to provide solutions to all the threat posing a challenge towards the care of senior through senior residential facility that operate with blockchain technology and CARE platform.


Our Services

Senior Residential Facility that operate with blockchain technology

Token Created will be used for every transaction in the residential facility: transactions like accommodation fee, medical treatment bills, grocery payments fee, staff salary payment

Home Wellness Kit

To design a Home Wellness Kit that includes Connected Medical Devices (IoT) for regular biomarker monitoring.

Health Data

Health Data Platform Secured by the blockchain, the platform stores and shares data only to parties pre-approved by the Seniors and/or their authorized caregivers.

Care Provider Platform

Create a platform where care giver can be trained, apply and get verified after passing through a complete health care certification.

Medical Consultation

Every verified users will have easy access to medical consultation and counseling on the CARE platform.

Health Management Plan

Partners with various hospitals, health facilities and medical laboratories.

Reward System

Reward system which serves as means of income for the seniors

Insurance/ Retirement Saving Plan

Health insurance and retirement plan that will operate on blockchain.

How it Works

How it Works ?

CARE Token (CT) is a cryptocurrency token based on the blockchain technology. The CARE token is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

CARE Token being a utility token will be use in platform towards the development of the care of seniors.

  1. The token created will also be use for every transactions activties in the residential facilities.
    This will bring a high demand in the token usage.
  2. It will also be use in other partner care providing organizations as their means of payment.
    The token will also be use for our online medical and pharmaceutical store.
  3. More so, every token holder in our DApp platform will be rewarded quarterly based on the percentage hold.
  4. The token can be easily converted to fiat or other major Cryptocurrency within our DApp Platform.
Airdrop and Bounty

Airdrop Round Two Is Live

The rules are possible to change if a foul play is being noticed. You will receive a total token of 30 CT ($12) if all task is completed.
1 CT listing price will be $0.4



  1. Join our telegram group
  2. Folllow Twitter Page and retweet our posts - 2.5 CT ($4)
  3. Folllow Facebook Page - 7.5 CT ($3)
  4. Folllow Linkedin Page - 7.5 CT ($3)
  5. Referral Bonus - 5 CT ($2)

Token Sale

Private Sales End In


AUG 24, 2019 (11:00 GMT)

Number of tokens for Private Sale

15,000,000 CT


NOV 18, 2019 (00:00 GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 CT= 0.15 USD

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

100 USD


Why Us

We have a working product with over 100 clients and still counting Our business model is straightforward and focused We have a highly professional team and experienced advisors We operate in the global markets and in a sector with proven demand and high margins We operate in one of the fastest growing health sectors with many opportunities to widen our reach and improve our products in the future CARE Token has wise and well-designed economics.

The IEO aims to fund CARE Token profitability and provide funding for expansion in the future The token is legally sound; technically secure . Check out our whitepaper



Q1: Elderly Care idea was born Fully registered with CAC (Coperate Affair Comission) of Federal Republic of Nigeria


Q3: Participation In Home Carer Elderly Training Conference


Q1: NGO 1 – Feed The Destitute Seniors;
Q3: Market Research On Implementing Our Service Into Blockchain

Q4: NGO 2 – Senior Awareness Creation And Sensitization On Effect Of High Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar.

Q4: NGO 2 – Senior Awareness Creation And Sensitization On Effect Of High Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar


Q1: Concept Development;
Q2: Token Development/ Token Allocation;

Q3: Participating In World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day;

Q3: Token Sales / Airdrop

Q4: Lisitng And Release Of Care DApp.


Q1: Launching Of Residential Home And More Partnership



Afolabi Damilare

CEO & Co-Founder

BSc. in Computer Science, Diploma in Data processing, Diploma in Genratology. CEO and CoFounder of A&A Elderly Care Company. Qualified and Trained Care Provider with Years experience. Co Founder of Penyi Foundation. She is a serial entrepreneur with IT knowledge. She is early crypto investor. She is an advisor of several Senior Health Care Companies. Key Speaker on several Senior Health Care Conference. She has a proven track record in Senior Health Care Market Development. Damilare has organized various NGO programs for the Seniors.


Gafar Abiola Anifat

CEO & Co-Founder

BSc. in Statistic, Diploma in Physiology. CEO and CoFounder of A&A Elderly Care Company. Co Founder of Penyi Foundation. Trained and certified Senior Health care at Chief Tony Anerich Genractic Centre UCH (University College of Health). She is a visioner and an entrprenuer. She has a proven track record in Senior Health Care Market Development. Abiola has also organized various NGO programs for the Seniors. Highly experience Crypto enthusiastist and trader.


Okedepo Odunola


Odunola is a registered trained nurse with years experience in Nursing and Senior care. Presently she is the head nurse at A & A Elderly Care Company with reputable working record. She is devoted, good behavioral skill and has passion taking care of the seniors.


Sola Akinola

IT Developer

BSc in Computer Science, Diploma in Data Proccessing, NCE in Computer Science at reputable tertiary institution in Nigeria. He is Smart Contract Developer. He start his career as a software developer over 5 years ago. He worked as a developer with the several organization Today, his research work is dedicated to finding efficient and sustainable ways of accelerating innovation in human organizations.


Salami Adedotun

IT Developer

B.Tech in Computer Science. Application and Data Security Specialist (IBM APP SCAN AND INFOSPHERE GUARDIUM).He has worked as a software developer for LAUTECH ICT, Sandton Consulting Limited, Diligent Systems Nigeria. He works presently at Sterling Towers (Sterling bank HQ) as their Software Developer.


Oluwabunmi Benjamen

Project manager

A Civil Engineer and also a certified project manager that has great knownledge in planing and executing plans with great strategy. He is highly experience in strategic planning, risk management. He has an unequalled reputation for successfully managing complex projects. He is visionary, serial entrepreneur and a business angel. He is skillful in creative writing and has written several acrticle about some notable cryptocurrency project. He has great knowledge about blockchain.


Hamza Khan


Hamza Khan Top 3 ICO Bench expert, Blockchain expert and ico analyst having 5-year experience in the crypto world. And an expert in Stellar Blockchain and worked with many icos and help them reach a successful position in the market


Femi Atoyebi


BSc in Business Administration, MBA in Financial Management, HND in Banking And Finance. He has years experience in business development, relationship managing, Senior Sales Excetive He works presently as a Relationship Manager at ARM Pensions Manager (PFA) Limited. Seasoned business development and management specialist with good sales and marketing experience, combined withcross-functional experience in the areas of Finance and IT


Lalit Bansal


Top 10 ICO Bench expert, founder & CEO of eiysys and director in revinfotech with 14 years of affluent experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency, ico, digital marketing, fintech, and growth hacking. an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by profession, his leadership, experience, and connections make him a smart advisor.


Rubab Arshad


Top 20 ICO Bench expert, years of affluent experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency, ico, digital marketing, fintech, and growth hacking.


Arjun Naidu


Director of Asian Blockchain week, associate with encrypt index, top ICO/IEO advisor and also Blockchain Series Speaker. He is a blockchain technology enthusiast and has avid interest in and understanding of the cutting-edge technologies.


Tobi Peter

Sales Manager

Bachelor Degree in Mathematics with years experience in finance. Chief Accountant of A&A Elderly Care Service. He is devoted to researching the marketplace and recommending the most appropriate products and services available, ensuring that clients are aware of products that best meet their needs and then securing a sale. He has high knowledge in Cyptocurrency and Forex trading.


Victor Olaniran

Community Manager

Certified Public Health Assistance. Crypto enthusiastist, he has worked as community manager in several cryptocurrency project. Prominient speaker and writer in various health seminarTeam leader of feed the destitute and elderly (NGO) 2016


Adegboye Taiwo

Community Manager

A seasoned writer and blogger. He is passion driven and has a lot of zeal to learn. He is a departmental excutive of Olabisi Onabanjo University., a top notch online news brand with massive following globally. Taiwo is an expert and social media manager.

Distribution of tokens

Fund Raise


Care Token is an ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency project that based on senior health care services
a. You either a senior or you become a senior one day. Investing in us is equivalent to securely your future

b. We are registered working product with clients

c. Investing in us makes you to have access to our DApp Platform and it's benefits

d. Discount using our token in our residential home

Check our Whitepaper for more details.
500 000 000CT
Our airdrop will be in various rounds and distribution will be in phases. Join our social media channel for more updates about it.


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